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If you’re a photographer or business interested in running photography tours, here are the services we can offer you :

  • Exclusive, hand-crafted itineraries. Based on your budget and your style of photography, we can offer you one-of-a-kind itineraries that include all our favorite photographic locations custom-tailored to the kind of photography you like to teach.
  • Multi-destination itineraries should you chose to visit more than one country.
  • Varying packages that can range from super, high-end luxury to moderate, mid-range safari.
  • Incredible guides.
  • Great prices
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  • Arrangement and booking of all camps including your stay in Arusha before and after your safari.
  • Booking of all tribe visits and special activities.
  • Conference space, screens and projectors if necessary.
  • Meal preferences and special needs should someone in your group require extra care.
  • First aid-certified, premium guides. Everyone thinks trips to Africa include dangers like animal attacks. But with groups, your biggest problems will be scratches, falls, and someone leaving their medication at home. You can rest assured that our guides are first-aid trained, and they’ll speak up for your members if medical intervention is necessary. In the event of someone needing medication, we have a team in Arusha who can often get you what you need.
  • Luggage priority. If your itinerary includes an in-country flight, we’ll handle all your luggage so that your group isn’t hounded by porters.
  • Priority visa check-in at the airport if this is something you want.
  • Guides trained in vehicle positioning. This is important as photographic instructors can’t always be in every car during a workshop.
  • Specially designed photography vehicles that have been extended in the back with the middle seats, windows (and sometimes doors) removed. With only 2-4 people per vehicle, you’ll have space and freedom to move around and work your shots with charging facilities for all your gear, too.
  • Specifics for your group on what to pack, what to wear, what to bring, etc.