Photographic Safari

Africans Giraffe Photographic safari

Everyone wants great photos they can hang on their wall or post on Instagram during and after their trip. But with Topguides Safaris, you’ll be in the prime positions to take them.

With a long history of 10+ years leading some of the greatest photographers in the world… and local guides who grew up in these parks and neighboring villages… a photographic safari with TopGuides will include all the lesser-traveled roads, all the best landscapes, advice on when to come (and where to stay) for the best photo opportunities and more.

Each season brings different photographic and film-making opportunities. The summer, for example, is best for big sun, sunsets. And winter brings green grass and migration – thousands and thousands of animals at once.

Some seasons are best in the north and others are better in the south. But when you book with us, we know exactly where to go and our guides are trained in positioning our vehicles for the best-possible image. No extra research necessary.

When you book a photographic safari with us, here’s what you can expect…

  • Vehicles designed exclusively for photographers — the windows and roof come off, there are charging ports for your gear, and the middle seats have been removed with extension in the back to allow you to move freely inside.
  • We make special arrangements with your camps to get you in and out during the best light even if that means pushing the limits of curfews a little bit.
  • Unique itineraries – we know all the best places to go and where to stay to get you into the right spots with the right light.
  • Expert positioning – our guides are trained in light and backgrounds as well as animal behaviors in order to position your vehicle for great shots.
  • Lesser-known view points most guides who work for a single camp don’t know.
    And more.


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