Hadzabe People

Located on the floor of the Rift Valley, Lake Eyasi is scenically stunning and one of the best places to gain real insights into the culture and lifestyle of some of Tanzania’s most fascinating tribes. We have opportunities to interact with the nomadic hunter-gatherer Hadzabe people who lead us on hunts. We witness how they prepare food and shelter as well as the bows and arrows they use for hunting. We also have the opportunity to meet the Datoga tribe—blacksmiths who melt down pipes and any scrap metal they can find to make arrowheads for the Hadzabe tribe and jewelry they can trade for food.

Maasai People

One of the most well-known tribes of East Africa is the Maasai Tribe. Draped in vivid red, blue and purple Shúkas, the Maasai people are a near-constant presence in northern Tanzania. This semi-nomadic tribe has retained its cultural identity in a modern world. Some live in traditional small mud-thatched villages, others have moved to more modern towns, while others occupy vast open spaces on which they continue to graze their cattle as they have for more than 500 years. Through his personal relationship with the Maasai people, Victor is able to arrange an introduction to a Maasai chief to provide a unique perspective on the lifestyle of this fascinating tribe.